Beach Getaway Essentials


I am going to Ocean City, MD this weekend for a girls trip. So I thought it was necessary to post some of my beach essentials. I really am all about functionality  comfort with a splash a glamour.

1. Topshop Crop Top | perfect for a casual beach look, or dress up a crop top for a night at the beach bars

2. Matches Fashion High Waisted Shorts | not only do they elongate those bronzed legs these cute strips just add the right about of beach flair

3. Shopbop Dainty Necklace | I usually dont wear any jewelry to the beach but this dainty necklace would shine in the sun

4. Shopbop Backpack | with already having to carry a towel and chair to the beach how easy does this cute backpack make it to carry everything else

5. Net-a-Porter Nail Polish | great colors that you may not get away with on the typical work day, but at the beach they nail polish colors are a must

6. Amazon  The Bronze Horseman | summer reads, finishing up this trilogy, who doesn’t like reading a little romance on the beach


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