DIY Gold Accented Wooden Tray

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I have always been a huge fan of natural wood with gold trim, heck anything with gold on it I am usually a big fan of. I have been seeing online and in stores raw wood with gold accents and decided this was a project I could do myself.

What you need:

Wood Tray or any type of wood dish that you want to accent with gold
paint brush
Craft gold paint

1. depending on how steady you are with a paint brush you can tape the edges with painters tape to get a smooth line
2. Paint 2 coats
3. DONE, easy!

photo 3

{ Finished product. Now what can it be used for… }

photo 1

{ Snack Tray }

photo 2-1

{ Jewelry Tray }


Oscar Party 2014


{Oscar Party Table Set & Cute Black White and Gold Coasters }

Last year I had my first Oscar viewing party and now I have made it a yearly tradition. Its a pretty low key party with just some girlfriends so we can eat lots of good food drink champagne and see who looks the best on the red carpet.  Below are some picture of the food a made for this years Oscar Party (all themed with the best picture nominations).

Ched”her” Fondue – Her
Caption Phillips Crab Cakes – Caption Phillips
American Brussels – American Hustle
Dallas Buyer Club Sandwiches – Decomposed Club Sandwiches
Nebraska Corn – Nebraska
Fil-a-mushroom – Philomena
Gravity Pies – Gravity
The Wolf of Wall Sweets – Wolf of Wall Street
12 Beers a Slave – 12 Years a Slave

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