Oscar Party 2014


{Oscar Party Table Set & Cute Black White and Gold Coasters }

Last year I had my first Oscar viewing party and now I have made it a yearly tradition. Its a pretty low key party with just some girlfriends so we can eat lots of good food drink champagne and see who looks the best on the red carpet.  Below are some picture of the food a made for this years Oscar Party (all themed with the best picture nominations).

Ched”her” Fondue – Her
Caption Phillips Crab Cakes – Caption Phillips
American Brussels – American Hustle
Dallas Buyer Club Sandwiches – Decomposed Club Sandwiches
Nebraska Corn – Nebraska
Fil-a-mushroom – Philomena
Gravity Pies – Gravity
The Wolf of Wall Sweets – Wolf of Wall Street
12 Beers a Slave – 12 Years a Slave

 photo 5-1 photo 3-1 photo 2-1 photo 1-1 photo 4-1 photo 5 photo 4  photo 2 photo 1


Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta

IMG_0104{ Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta}

This week I went over to Emile’s house and cooked dinner. I do like to try to make new dishes and usually just surf the internet to find something that hits my fancy. I found this recipe here, and I will say it was a big hit!  The only change that I did make was that it asked for 2 cups of cream, but I only did 1 cup. What was even better was the leftovers I had the next day!




5 Friday Favorites


{ Closet Envy – Windows in a closet }

I have decided to start a traditional Friday Post that mentions some of the things that have been inspiring me lately. Between my new obsession with jewels and going away to a wedding this weekend, I would say these images have been inspiring me this week.


{ rose filled ice cubes that chills some nice bubbly }


{ Mimosa’s Bar, need to try this out at my next girls weekend }


{ Jeweled clutches }


{ Jewelry display }

Farmers Market


In the past couple of weeks I have been to a couple of Farmer Markets and I have to say I am hooked! On the way back from Ocean City, Maryland this weekend we stopped by Guy Farm’s farmers market. We got the sweetest corn or watermelon. From a Farmer’s Market in McLean, VA I got the largest blue berries ever! Just all of the colors at the farmer’s market is a sight to see.







Crumbs @ Tysons Corner


So excited about Crumbs opening up at Tysons Corner I. I first had tried Crumb’s cupcakes back when I lived in NYC city for a summer, and let me just say you better check these cupcakes out.  These cupcakes are larger than your typical cupcake and they taste more like cake than a cupcakes (aka very moist). In my book that makes them all the better!

PS. I highly recommend the strawberry lemonade


{ Crumb’s Bake Shop | Giant Cupcake }


{ Did I mention there’s icing inside the cupcake as well! }

Homemade Mac and Cheese


Can you really ever go wrong with mac-and-cheese? probably not, and there are so many different ways to make it. My recipe below is how I grew up on homemade mac and cheese.

1 box pasta noodles
3 types of shredded cheese (I used a cheddar, parmesan and american cheese blend)
16 oz milk
3 eggs
1/2 pack of bacon (optional)
Pinch of Pepper


1. Cook pasta in boiling water, at the same time preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. In a bowl first whisk your 3 eggs together then add the milk. Add a bit of pepper to the mixture.

3. Once the pasta is cooked put a layer in a oven safe dish then pour your egg and milk mixture on top till pasta layer is mostly covered. Then layer on some cheese and bacon. Continue this process until you reach the top of the dish or used up all your pasta.

4. Key is to make sure to have enough egg and milk mixture so that 95% of the pasta is covered so that the pasta does not dry out. You can always add more milk and eggs to this recipe depending on if you need more.

5. Place in oven for 30 mins. or until egg is cooked and top cheese has browned a little. And there you go!